The way we think, live and eat, influences our life and health

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Annelaure Pothin

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. The amount of information surrounding us, about how to be healthy, can be confusing. My focus is to acheive a balanced way of living, in harmony with yourself, the environment and the people around you, as well as how to cook, eat seasonally and how to eat in harmony with your illness. 

My passion for nutrition and health was born from my own struggle to change.

Do all diseases begin in the gut?

Auto-immune diseases & lifestyle related illnesses are the most common health issues.

What can I help you with?

Digestive Issues

Stress, anxiety and food sensitivities can contribute to chronic digestive issues, bloating, allergies, weight gain, etc.


Getting to the root cause of your headaches can help you live pain free and sleep better.

Chronic Pain & Fatigue 

Finding the cause of your pain and helping you get more energy.


Many health issues can be caused by common food sensitivities, such as gluten, dairy, etc. 

Women's Health

Painful Periods, irregular cycles, Endometriosis, etc, can be improved.

Auto-Immune Issues

Focusing on what you put in your body and your environment, reducing inflammation and improving your lifestyle.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses. Learn how to eat foods that reduce inflammation.

Skin Issues

Rashes, acne, Eczema, etc. Figure out the root cause of these skin issues, making food and lifestyle changes that will help your skin.

Healthy Cooking

I will guide you towards eating the right foods and cooking for any special dietary needs. Eating healthy food doesn't need to be complicated.

WHAT IS Health Coaching?

Health Coaching includes helping people with healthy eating and lifestyle choices, whilst developing and setting goals.

Health coaches work in many settings and among other services, provide general wellness and nutrition information, options, recommendations, guidance, motivation, and skills-building to establish healthier lifestyle routines and to achieve focused personal goals.

Health Coaches are recognized by the most significant health institutions in the world and already play a vital part in the emerging preventive healthcare model. 


years for every cell in our body to be replaced 


months for the red blood cells to renew


It takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle

1 out 6

people in the world get sick from foodborne illnesses every year


Anne Evans Barnes


"Last year, I had a few sessions with Annelaure, who worked with me to take a close look at what I was eating, how I was cooking what I ate and other factors in my life. Annelaure has a deep knowledge of her subject area. That, combined with her patience, support, and holistic approach make her an excellent health coach. I highly recommend working with Annelaure!"

Kristin Eyschen


"Annelaure has helped me a lot with my nutrition when I first moved to Germany. Her help encouraged me to start to dive deeper into my own health problems.
On top of all her knowledge, Annelaure doesn‘t judge you and really listens to what you say.
If you’re looking for someone that truly helps you to support your healing and health via foods, Annelaure is your go-to person, I promise"

Diane Aidenbaum


"Anne-Laure is an incredible woman, generous, loving and passionate about health, the environment and helping others. My life completely changed, I am following her advice and it changed my health, mentally and physically. I am more in harmony with myself and the food I eat, and I discovered a new way of eating and living that is amazing !!! I would recommend to everyone to experience her guidance, it will change your life and will make you happier. Thank you so much Anne-Laure!!!!!"

Krisztina Gat


"Annelaure has changed my diet and my life! I feel happier, full of energy and do not miss what I used to eat at all. She is also a great listener, patiently analysing every aspect of your life, to find the perfect balance for you specifically. I cannot recommend her enough!"